Designed to keep a constant voltage level, our Electrical Voltage Stabilizers ensure efficiency, safety and reliability. We are catering to top Indian cities such as New Delhi, Delhi / NCR, Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Greater Noida, Alwar, Manesar.
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Our products also include LED Lights, Transformers, Voltage Regulators and Isolation Transformers
Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

At our company, tight quality control activities have been implemented at every phase. This ensures that our products and procedures...
Product Portfolio

Product Portfolio

We are a principal manufacturer and global supplier of a perfect range of electrical & electronic products. These provide excellent control...
Our Vision

Our Vision

We endeavor to be a trusted name for Voltage Regulators, Voltage Stabilizers, and other Power Products. Our company...
Our Mission

Our Mission

Purevolt brings reliable and cost-effective products in the field of electrical systems & equipment business. Its mission is...
About Us

About Us

We are committed to provide a wide as well as innovative line of power products to our customers, worldwide. At Purevolt Products Pvt. Ltd., we are a major exporter, manufacturer & supplier of Voltage Stabilizers, UPS, Inverters, Servo Stabilizer, Servo Voltage Stabilizer and more. We work with the global, latest technology, and incorporate it in our products. With excellent features and specifications, our range is designed for the user's benefit. Also, we are continuously investing and upgrading to deliver the best possible in terms of products, systems and services.

Our Automatic Voltage Stabilizers are made to provide reliable and efficient protection for electronic appliances for voltage troubles. There is a mix of well fabricated design, dependable components and smart technology. Also, our versatile range of electric and electronic goods suits all kinds of needs of major homes, offices and industries. Our products also include Transformers, Voltage Regulators, Servo Stabilizer, Servo Voltage Stabilizer and Isolation Transformers.

Our voltage stabilizers find use in commercial, residential and industrial sectors. These devices provide protection against voltage fluctuations, spike, noise and thermal overload.


Servo Voltage Stabilizer

A Servo Voltage Stabilizer is a controlled stabilization system that performs high voltage supply using transformer booster. Its AC synchronous motor adjust voltage in clockwise direction. It doesn’t require any manual disruption and functions automatically.  Loaded with various features, this device is widely demanded in residential applications for protecting AC.

Automatic Voltage Regulator

Automatic Voltage Regulator help in obtaining constant power from fluctuating supply system & used in the sectors where failure rate of equipment like tubes, chokes, bulbs, starter and coils is more. It is easily installed at different commercial buildings and construction factories for voltage regulation.

Sine Wave Inverter

Sine Wave Inverter is capable of handling a current, thus, it can easily take on the load of washing machines and water pumps. Its superior technology offers complete & constant protection to appliances in case of any irregularities in the grid supply.

Isolation Transformer

Isolation Transformer is used to decouple two circuits and help AC signal to be taken from one device to another without connecting to two circuits electrically. Suitable for heavy-duty industrial applications, it is in three phase power supply. It is very popular with customers due to its easy installation, amorphous core, low losses and less noise.

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